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My Story

mike-1Behind every blog there has to be an introduction of who you are and more importantly why you feel the need to share your thoughts with the world.

Over the last 16 years (ouch that feels old) I have been fortunate to work across a variety of industries, mostly working as a bridge between the business and IT.

During this time I seem to have morphed into this title of business architect.

In some cases we find we are doing a job and did not even realise it actually had a name.

Once we start adopting this title we bump into like minded people who also seem to have this title too (which is nice). Now the challenge begins, as we learn this role we are also teaching our leaders on why they need this new thing called business architecture and how it is going to save their business.

I feel that we are at a tipping point in the business architecture space where the senior people have started to listen and the real challenges are about to begin.

How are we going to deliver value to our stakeholders but yet apply a structured discipline to our approach?

How are we going to ensure the needs of our customer are met and the internal workings of the organisation are aligned to this need and more importantly is this well documented and does everyone know this?

To add to the challenge, the bigger question we face is how are we going to bring the business on the journey with us and how will we help them take the first step?

As we look to almost create a discipline we have opportunities to learn from other industries to add to our tool box. This will enable us to create the 360 degree model of an organisation which we all strive to achieve.

So why am I doing this and do you care?

Well for one I feel as business architects we have a duty to ensure we create a common approach for the following groups to follow and understand:


As pioneers we have the opportunity from day one to start speaking in the language of the business. 

This means we cannot invent words, also not fall into the trap of Enterprise Architecture. We cannot be seen as the men and women in the clouds, who are too far removed.

“We have an opportunity to start as we mean to go on”.

My overall hope is that we are able to learn from the design field and apply the customer centric aspects to business architecture and move to a title of business designer, this will enable us to build the illusive holistic view of our customer.

I hope you enjoy my posts,see the value and importantly, I hope you feel like you are able try to use some of these things in your organisation.  Where it makes sense to do so.

Remember throughout my posts my aim is to keep things in business terms and focus on the value and the outcomes.

Oh and why should you care, well hopefully it will give you some insights and also from your feedback I might learn some new things too.

With a working together approach we might just create a standard we all agree to, which satisfies all our customers and importantly we all speak in a language the business can understand.