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Businesses have become more complex and interconnected due to the demands of globalization, electronic markets and the needs of our customers. As we strive to become more adaptive and respond to change there is a greater need to be able to bring all the various moving parts together

As we enter an age of uncertainty, the need for new thinking to solve existing problems is required to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our customers and our stakeholders.

When I created the blog there was a vision in mind which was to bring the disciplines of design and architecture together and show how this type of integrated thinking can solve the wicked problems we face but in a new way.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”


One thing that I want to hold true is a belief that architecture and design should be in business terms. As a brand the aim is to provide information and approaches which will provide value to architects, designers, students, stakeholders and any interested parties who have an interest in the subject of business design.

I believe we all have a part to play in ensuring that architecture and design is understood not just by architects but by the people in the business community too.

To ensure this vision can be realised, I have set out the following manifesto to ensure this plan happens:

  • Bring it down a level: Strive to provide content in basic terms which provides a level playing field for all readers.
  • Jargon Free: We will not invent terms or use technical terms.
  • Customer Focused: Show how design will bring us a view of the customer which will align with business delivery.
  • So what moments: Strive to show why business design is becoming crucial and show the value generated in every post.
  • Inspire the change: Show that change isn’t dull or involving sacrifice – think of what we gain not what we give up. We have to create desire and think differently
  • Have a voice: We can’t solve everything but we can use our voice for good, by contributing to the debate and helping to take things forward.

In everything we do we are using this manifesto to help ensure that in the future students, new designers, new architects and even business leaders have a clear defined explanation of all the aspects of business design enabling them to continue the evolution of the discipline; to be able to sell to senior management and to communicate the benefits of business design but importantly in business terms with the customer at the heart of everything.